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How to talk to your parents about in home care

The time has come. Your parents need help, and so do you. Home care is a logical and practical choice for you and your loved one. Here are some strategies that will help you as you talk with your parent while preserving your relationship.

Anticipate Resistance

  • Don’t Argue

It can be shocking to hear your parents deny they need help when there is abundant evidence to the contrary.

  • Take Your Time

Unless the situation is urgent, try not to expect your parents to agree to home care the first time you talk with them.

Present the Facts

Concrete examples of your concerns are more effective than vague assertions such as “you need help.”

Understand and Address Fears

  • Who is This Person?

A real person with a picture, and description, will ease anxiety and build trust

  • How am I Protected?

Herewith recruiters have pre-screened and reviewed the experience of referred caregivers.

  • How Do I Know the Caregiver is a Good Match?

With our app you can review caregiver profiles and with the assistance of our live agents, you can pick the top caregivers you wish to interview. Your control-your choice.

Include Your Parent in the Home Care Process

Be Respectful and Stay Calm

Be Willing to Compromise

Emphasize Independence and Quality of Life

  • Ask your parents what they are missing from their lives. It could be the opportunity to get out of the house, visit friends or learn new skills.

  • Talk about how home care can help your parents become more independent by assisting with good nutrition, hydration, cognitive activities, and transportation to medical appointments.

Talking with your parents about home care will be challenging but necessary. Let us handle the logistics so that you can focus on what matters most- safe and effective care for your parents.

At Herewith we understand talking with parents about home care can be daunting. Home care at Herewith is about choices, values, and quality of life.