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Becoming a guidance seeker
with Khurram Khan of Herewith

Learn why Herewith’s COO is feeling optimistic about the future of senior care

When it comes to finding care for our older loved ones and ourselves, one of the most important steps is gathering information—figuring out who is trustworthy, who can help answer our questions. 

Khurram Khan, Herewith’s COO, doesn’t shy away from asking the hard questions. In fact, he tends to embrace challenges head-on, tackling one of today’s biggest questions along with his diverse and talented team: how can we meet the growing need for quality in-home senior care? 

Sitting down with Khurram, a little over two months after the successful launch of Herewith’s new in-home senior care platform, we were able to ask about Herewith’s response to the critical situation facing older adults and their families. Here’s what he had to say.

What do you envision for the future of senior care?

The baby boomer generation is retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, and demand for senior care is exploding. By 2030, there may not be enough caregivers. We find ourselves in a pivotal time—the number of older adults is projected to increase by 79%, while the number of caregivers will likely increase by just 1% over the same period. It's a problematic situation. 

To secure a better future for our older loved ones, we need to support professional caregivers and provide better tech solutions to make their work easier. In the traditional agency model, which takes a portion of the caregiver’s earnings while charging families a premium, in-home care quickly becomes too expensive for many seniors and families to manage. Meanwhile caregiving jobs don’t offer sustainable work-life balance.  

I am very optimistic about the solution Herewith offers. On our platform, families can directly hire caregivers and pay a moderate monthly fee for the tools, guidance, hiring support, and insurance they need, while caregivers can join up for free and find work that suits them, while gaining valuable protections, easy mobile tools to improve their work life, and access to professional development. 

By tackling both sides of the current difficulties around care, we hope to create a better way forward for everyone.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give families in their search for in-home care, what would it be?

We don't often talk about age and getting old—but old happens, whether we are ready for it or not. When we start to see our loved ones need more support, it can be hard to adjust. It's okay not to know what the next steps are. 

My advice is, don’t be afraid to ask questions and find the best care for your situation. There are good people out there to guide you and help make this new stage a little easier. Don’t shy away from asking for help—it's there for you. It's perfectly alright to become a guidance seeker. 

What inspires you about senior care and your role at Herewith?

Working in senior care is deeply rewarding for me for several reasons. First, we know the need for eldercare is growing incredibly fast and it’s critical that we address it. Second, I love that my work will make a real difference in the lives of older adults and their families. I feel encouraged that we are providing care and support to seniors, while helping them age with dignity in their own homes. We are also helping professional caregivers improve their quality of life with more control over their work, better job opportunities, and more resources. 

Finally, what inspires me most about my role as COO is constantly being challenged to learn new skills and adapt to changing circumstances. I feel privileged to work with an incredibly talented team that takes a proactive approach to problem-solving, and I know I will be drawing on these valuable experiences for years to come. 

Who do you look up to when you find yourself in challenging situations?

I have learned from many people throughout my career, but my Dad will always be my most important influence. When I was growing up, he had a small business, and I started working for him after school. To this day, his work ethic inspires me to always show up on time, work hard even when others aren't watching, and not to complain about working late hours, but to stay with it until the job’s done. I owe everything—my persistence in never giving up, my desire for success, and my commitment—to my father, Younis Khan. 

What motivates you to continue learning and growing as a professional?

When I think about what keeps me excited and engaged at work, it's those moments with our team when I learn something I did not know the day before. 

We are building a technology platform to consolidate a scattered eldercare market that has not been addressed for decades. There are a lot of questions that come with this kind of endeavor, but we are confident in the services we’re offering. It's a challenge, but it excites me to bring new solutions to a real-world problem, hopefully helping millions of people.

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