First day of in-home care guide First day of in-home care guide

Hiring a Caregiver

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First day of in-home care checklist

Here's a quick checklist to help you ensure that everything is ready to go for a successful first day of care

Now that you’ve hired a caregiver, it’s time to prepare for the first day of care. We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you ensure that everything is ready to go for a successful first shift. First, you’ll need to download the Herewith mobile app (available for both iPhones and Androids). 

With the mobile app, you will receive live updates during your caregiver’s shift, manage tasks, communicate with your caregiver and your Care Team, and more. We recommend taking a few minutes to explore the app before your caregiver arrives for their first shift, so everything feels familiar and easy. 

Before care begins:

  • Log in to your Herewith account online or in the mobile app to view your Care Team, see your new caregiver’s profile, and add additional family members, friends, or care professionals to your team

  • Make sure all the care & contact info in your profile is up to date, including emergency contacts and action plans

  • Add Tasks or Notes with the plus icon (+) to schedule activities and duties for your caregiver to complete on their shift 

  • If you are hiring care on behalf of a family member, prepare your loved one for the caregiver’s first visit by sharing with them the plan for the day and working through any concerns they might have

Your first day of care:

  • Plan to spend a few minutes greeting your new caregiver 

  • Give them a tour of the space they’ll be working in, show them where any essential supplies are kept, review when medication reminders should be given, and share any additional tips or special routines that will help the day go smoothly

  • When your caregiver checks in for the day, you’ll receive a “Live Shift” notification, whether you are in the app or not, so you can go about your day without worry 

  • Chat with your caregiver after the first shift to see if any questions came up 

  • If someone other than yourself is the care recipient, take some time to talk with them about how they felt about the day. Remember, a new caregiver can be a big change for everyone, and it will take a little time to adjust!

For more on what to expect as a household employer, take a look at Herewith’s guide to hiring an in-home caregiver.

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