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Hiring a Caregiver

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Your guide to booking in-person trial shifts with caregivers

Get to know caregivers before hiring by booking a one-hour, in-person trial shift

For families in need of in-home care, finding a great match with a caregiver is a top priority. But sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of a caregiver’s personality from a virtual interview. And sometimes urgent care needs come up out of the blue, so you need a way to find a good caregiver and get care started without delay.  

That’s why we’re proud to introduce trial shifts—a faster, easier way to get connected with caregivers and get to know them. So you or your loved one can start receiving care as soon as possible. 

In this guide we’re going to cover everything you need to know about booking your first trial shift with a caregiver.

What is a trial shift?

Trial shifts are a great way to meet in-person with caregivers to see if they’re a good fit for your needs. These shifts are one-hour timeframes paid at the caregiver’s hourly rate. You can meet with the caregiver, ask questions, have them do a few small tasks, and introduce them to the care recipient. 

Where do trial shifts take place?

The location is up to you. Some people prefer to host the trial shift at the location where care will ultimately take place. Others prefer to keep things a bit more casual by meeting at a cafe or park. When you book a trial shift, you’ll set the location to your preference. Booking multiple trial shifts? You can keep the same location for each or switch it up.   

How do I book a trial shift?

  1. Go to the “Find Care” section on the homescreen of your Herewith mobile app, or sign in here.

  2. Click or tap on the profile of the caregiver you’re interested in, then click or tap the button, “Book a trial shift.” 

  3. Next, follow prompts to choose a date and time for your one-hour trial shift. Include a short message about the type of care you’re looking for to help the caregiver decide if the job is a good fit for their skills, personality, and availability. 

  4. The final step is adding your payment information. The cost of the trial shift varies by caregiver. Check the hourly rate on their profile to see if their services fall within your care budget. 

  5. After the trial shift request is sent to the caregiver, they will accept or decline. You’ll receive a notification either way.

How much do trial shifts cost?

To attract the highest quality of caregiver for your needs, at Herewith we facilitate paid trial shifts for caregivers. This means that the cost of the trial shift depends on the caregiver’s hourly rate, shown in their Herewith profile. We’ll handle the payment transaction, to make the process seamless and smooth. Here’s all the details: 

  • Each trial shift is billed for one hour at the caregiver’s hourly rate, which varies by caregiver. Check the caregiver’s hourly rate on their profile to see if their services fall within your care budget. 

  • Get your money back—If you decide to hire the caregiver after the trial shift, we will credit your account with the payment amount.

  • Please note that promotional offers may not be applied to trial shifts.

Where can I see my upcoming trial shifts?

  1. Sign into your Herewith account on your computer or open your mobile app. 

  2. Go to the “Booking” section, on the left side on desktop or along the top of your screen on mobile. 

  3. Here you’ll be able to check the status of trial shift requests, view booked shifts, see past trial shifts that have been completed/paid for, and canceled shifts.

What is the cancellation policy for trial shifts?

We know that sometimes things happen and you may need to cancel. If you can’t make it to your trial shift, please cancel the shift as soon as possible so we can notify the caregiver. Please note that you have until three hours before the trial shift to cancel without charge. If you need help scheduling your trial shift, please reach out to our team at 415-506-9776.

Do I have to pay if my caregiver cancels or doesn’t show up?

If the caregiver did not show up, you will not be charged. If you encountered any issues during the trial shift, contact customer support as soon as possible, at 415-506-9776. 

You’ll have a four-hour window to let us know if your caregiver did not turn up or to report any issues to customer service, so that we can waive your payment. After four hours, your trial shift payment will automatically be processed. 

What happens during my trial shift?

During the trial shift, you’ll have one hour to work with your caregiver, get to know them, and make sure you both have a good understanding of the job expectations, schedule, and compensation. The exact format of the trial shift is up to you, but here are a few of our suggestions: 

  1. Start with a “get to know you”  interview 

  2. Show them around the space (if applicable) and review any transportation needs

  3. Talk about what kind of care you’re looking for

  4. Review schedule and compensation. If you’d like to make the caregiver an offer that’s different from the hourly rate on their Herewith profile, you may. 

  5. Do a few small tasks together, such as preparing a meal or working with transfer equipment

  6. Invite them to ask questions too—remember, clear communication leads to a great relationship with your caregiver.

For more guidance on how to lead an interview, read our article, “How to interview a caregiver.”

What happens after my trial shift?

After the trial shift, we’ll reach out to you via text, email, and mobile app notification to make sure the shift happened successfully. You’ll have the option to:

  • Hire the caregiver if they’re a great fit 

  • Let us know if they didn’t show up 

  • Or, let us know that you’re no longer interested in that caregiver

Please note: You’ll have a four-hour window to let us know if your caregiver did not turn up or to report any issues to customer service, so that we can waive your payment. After four hours, your trial shift payment will automatically be processed.

Do I have to do a trial shift?

While in-person trial shifts can be a great way to get to know a caregiver in a real-life setting, it is not required. We also offer complimentary virtual interviews with caregivers. These virtual interviews are hosted by one of our Care Experts, who stays on the video call with you and the caregiver throughout the interview to help guide the conversation and make sure your questions are answered. 

Our top take-aways for trial shifts

At Herewith, we want to empower you to meet, interview, and hire caregivers that you feel comfortable with. Paid, in-person trial shifts can help you do just that by offering the chance to get to know each other in a real-life context and focus on the most important thing of all—caring for your loved one. 

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