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First day checklist for caregivers

Here's a quick checklist to help you get ready for your first shift

Congratulations on connecting with your first client on the Herewith platform! We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you get ready for your first shift. Most importantly, you’ll need to download the Herewith Pro app (available for both iPhones and Androids). 

You'll use the Herewith Pro mobile app to check in and out for your shift and get paid, so be sure to download it before you arrive for your first shift. Plus, use the app to keep track of your tasks, communicate with your client and their Care Team, and manage your job applications and trial shifts. We recommend taking a few minutes to explore the app before arriving for your first shift, so everything feels familiar and easy. 

Before your first shift:

  • Download the Herewith Pro app on your mobile device

  • Check the app to view your new client’s care info and communicate with their Care Team

  • Call or message your client or a designated member of their Care Team with any questions about your client’s needs

  • Prepare any supplies or personal items that you’ll need to bring with you on your first day

  • Call Herewith for technical support using the app or any other concerns that arise

Your first shift:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early on your first day

  • Check in for your shift on the Herewith Pro mobile app. We recommend that you enable your location settings to make it easier to check in and out each day 

  • Plan to introduce yourself and get comfortable with your client and any family members that may be present

  • Ask for a tour of the space where you’ll be working, noting where important supplies are kept and if there are particular routines that your client may not have added to their task list on the app

  • At the end of your first day, make sure you end your shift in the app. Send a message to your client’s Care Team and let them know how the day went!

For more on becoming a private, in-home caregiver on the Herewith platform, take a look at Herewith’s guide to becoming an in-home caregiver.

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