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Professional Caregiving

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Herewith: The new platform for in-home caregivers

Free professional tools & client matching for professional caregivers

We believe that as a professional caregiver, you deserve the tools, resources, and support to not just get by, but thrive in your career. A big part of that? Making sure you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to matching with your ideal clients.

Not just another care company

You might be asking yourself, what makes Herewith different from other online care platforms? Herewith specializes in bringing you the flexibility and independence of private in-home caregiving, with the support, stability, and protection that you might think of with a traditional agency—without taking a cut of your paycheck or charging you to make a profile or use our services. 

Become an in-home caregiver on the Herewith platform: 

  • Set your own pay rate, schedule, and preferred work location

  • Find the jobs you want with our personalized client matching

  • Never pay to use our platform & mobile tools, with no hidden fees EVER 

  • Boost your skills & earning potential with free online classes

  • Free liability insurance, time-tracking, and automatic payroll for stress-free employment

  • Our team of experts, there for you 24/7, to answer your questions and help you find best job for you

Personalized client matching

Successful matches between you and your in-home care clients means less time wasted searching job boards and out-of-date job posts. Let us guide you into a better way of connecting with new clients and earning the paycheck you deserve.

As you get started with our personalized job search, you have full control over setting your pay rate, schedule, distance you want to travel, and what services you wish to provide. By including a short profile video, you’ll even have the chance to introduce yourself to future clients and share what sets you apart. 

Helpful mobile tools

Caregivers are amazing. The work you do to provide support for older loved ones in our communities is essential, and you deserve the best tools for the job. We set out to take some of the stress out of your day-to-day workload. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • Protections for you as an employee: Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with on-the-job professional liability insurance plus easy, automatic time-tracking and payroll with our mobile app, to make getting on time paid from all your clients a breeze. 

  • Efficient task management: View and manage your clients’ care info and tasks right from your phone. Check off tasks as you go, track your hours, and share updates with your clients’ family members, all from one place.

  • Easy connection with new clients: With a few taps, instantly update your professional profile when you’d like to add new skills or certifications or change your availability. Not actively searching? Toggle your profile to “Off” until you’re ready to look for your next client. 

Ready to find an in-home care job on Herewith? 

Call 415-284-5230 for help setting up your profile & connecting with jobs in your area. 

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