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We’re here to help — from the search for great in‑home caregivers, to managing your employees and account issues. All it takes is one quick call to our team.


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Get support — from finding families in need of in‑home care across the SF Bay Area, to managing your clients and account. It just takes one quick call to our team.

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Asked Questions


Becoming a Caregiver with Herewith

How do I sign up to become a caregiver with Herewith?

It’s so easy! You can call our team at 510‑284‑5230 to get started. Next, you’ll download the Herewith app to your phone. Then, follow the prompts on your screen to set up your account and customize your profile. Finding the perfect match is as important to families as it is to caregivers, so be sure to fill out each section and record a warm, friendly profile video to receive the best job offers.

Do I have to pay to join Herewith?

Never! We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to find work or give a portion of your paycheck to an agency. At Herewith, you decide when to work, who to work for, and how much you want to make. Professional caregivers deserve professional resources and support, like free access to certification programs, liability insurance, W2 employee status, and stress-free, reliable paychecks.

What is a Caregiver Profile?

  • Your profile is basically your resume and a friendly intro all in one. You can showcase your skills, certificates, experience, and introduce yourself to potential clients with a short video.
  • Your profile is also where you get to share YOUR preferences around pay rate, commuting distance, and schedule. While there are no set guidelines for your hourly rate, we recommend considering the average pay in your area as well as the range of skills you provide.
  • Pro tip: Families in need of care are much more likely to interview caregivers who have a friendly, warm profile video that shares a little bit about their experience and personality.

How do I access Care Academy?

When you sign up to become a caregiver with Herewith, you are automatically granted access to a selection of Care Academy online courses! Check the email you used to sign up for Herewith for information on available classes, webinars, certification opportunities, and more. Not seeing it? Check your promotions tab or spam folder.

What kind of skills do you need to become a caregiver?

We offer opportunities for a range of non medical caregiver skills, from help around the home to more advanced care. The best quality you can bring to the table as a caregiver is empathy. If you have experience caring for older family members or people in your community, you might make a great professional caregiver! Be ready to be a good listener, approach your clients with patience and understanding, and seek out free training opportunities to expand your skill set with Care Academy.

Why is my profile not public yet?

  • You must complete the required portions of your profile in order to be visible to our team of recruiters and to potential clients. Log in and check the top area of your profile to see which sections still need to be filled out.
  • If your profile is complete and still not showing up as public, it may be under review. Please call us at 510‑284‑5230 so that we can help resolve any outstanding issues.

Working with clients

The hiring process

  • How do I get a job?
    • After you create your account either over the phone or on the app, complete your caregiver profile. There are THREE ways to get hired:
      1. Our team of recruiters will call you if they find a job posting that could be a good fit for you.
      2. Families on our platform looking for caregivers will be able to see & respond to your profile right in the app.
  • Who interviews me?
    • Our team sets up a virtual interview over Zoom with your potential client. We’ll stay on the call in case either of you have any questions and to help with the next steps of the process.
  • Who sees my profile?
    • Once your profile is complete, your profile can be seen by our team of recruiters and by families looking for care in your area. If you have already found a great client and don’t want to be contacted about new clients, you can toggle your profile settings to private.
  • Can I work with more than one client?
    • Of course! Many in-home caregivers work with multiple clients. You can set your desired schedule and availability in your profile to make sure you’re working the hours you want.
  • How can I share my references?
    • The interview is a great time to share your professional references. We are also working on a way for you to share testimonials right on your profile. Stay tuned for those updates in the future!

How do I resign or conclude employment with a client?

We know there are many reasons you may need to end your employment with a client. While a conversation with your client ahead of time is ideal, there are some other ways we can support you through this process. First, you can always call our team at 510‑284‑5230, whether you need to resign immediately or if you’re able to give advance notice. A second option is to start your resignation within the app, right from the “Manage Client” screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom and follow the prompts within the app.

What should I do if I have a dispute with a client?

If you’re not able to work things out with your client or are encountering difficulties, please call us at 510‑284‑5230 so we can try to help resolve the situation.

How do I prepare for my first day?

  • Set yourself up for success by communicating with your client ahead of time about location, schedule, and job expectations. Double-check that you have the correct contact information and be sure to download and familiarize yourself with the app so you will feel at ease on your first day. You’ll need to use the app to track your hours and check for tasks that your client may assign to you.
  • Pro tip: Enable your location settings to receive prompts to clock in when you arrive at work and clock out when you leave, making your time cards much more accurate. Plan ahead with our first day of caregiving checklist!

Caregiver Pay & Insurance

How does payroll work at Herewith?

  • As your employer, your client will be responsible for paying your wages, but we help the payroll process run automatically with our partner, HomeWork Solutions. When you accept employment with a new client, you’ll follow prompts to set up the bank or other account you’d like to use to receive your direct deposit. Your direct deposit checks will be from HomeWork Solutions, on behalf of your employer.
  • Herewith does NOT take a percentage of your paycheck, unlike some home care agencies. We believe that your wages belong to you. If you have questions about taxes, you can call our payroll partners, HomeWork Solutions, directly at 1‑800‑626‑4829.
  • Payroll runs on a weekly basis. You will clock in and out with your app and submit your hours for your client’s approval each week. Hours that have not been approved by Sunday will be automatically processed by our payroll partner, HomeWork Solutions. You will receive your paycheck via direct deposit the following Friday (so there is a one week turn‑around time from hours submitted to paycheck deposited).
    • In the case that a shift is being disputed and hasn’t been resolved by the time payroll is submitted, you and your employer will have one additional week to resolve the shift in question before it is automatically submitted for payroll.
  • How do you start your shift, view upcoming shifts, or review shift history? Go to your home screen and tap on your client’s name. We recommend enabling location settings for the most accurate time tracking, so you get reminders to clock in and clock out when you arrive or depart your worksite.
    • Top tip: If you have enabled location settings, you will receive a prompt to clock in for your shift when you arrive at your worksite. If you need to start a shift from a different location, for example if your client has asked you to stop at the pharmacy on the way to work, you can clock in from the “Client” view, and add a note stating why you are starting from a different location or at a different time than usual.
  • What if there’s a mistake in my hours? Not to worry, you can make adjustments before hours are submitted for payroll that week. Navigate to the shift that needs to be adjusted by viewing your shift history, then tap, “Request a correction.” You’ll be able to enter the new times and add a reason for the change. Your employer will need to manually accept these changes, so it’s good to let them know why the changes are being made.
    • For example, you may need to clock in or out at a time that’s different than what was scheduled. If this is the case, you will edit your hours worked and add a short explanation for the change. Your client can then approve the updated hours or request an additional correction.
    • Or, maybe your client notices an inaccuracy in your hours&nbsp— they may submit a request for you to correct your hours at any point in the process up until payroll is submitted by tapping or clicking “Dispute” on the shift overview. You can then review the Dispute and make changes to your hours.
  • Who should I contact about payroll questions?
    • If your payment doesn’t go through, if you need to request a correction after payroll has been run, or if you have questions regarding taxes & withholdings, please contact our payroll partner, HomeWork Solutions, directly at 1‑800‑626‑4829.
  • What about overtime, sick time, breaks, and meal periods?
    • At this time, Herewith’s platform supports caregivers who are classified as personal attendants and as such, are not entitled to rest breaks or meal periods. Learn more about the personal attendant classification here
    • Overtime is accrued at 1.5 x hourly rate for over 9 hours a day and/or 40 in a 7‑day workweek.There is no legal requirement in California that employers provide employees with paid or unpaid vacation time.
    • A household employer is required to provide at least 24 hours of paid sick leave to their employee. Hours are accrued at a rate of 1 hour of sick leave gained for every 30 hours worked.

Can I receive tips or gifts from my employer?

Any additional compensation, such as tips, monetary gifts, or bonuses should be given to you by your employer through HomeWork Solutions and appear on your paycheck.

When will I get my W2 from my employer?

  • Your W2 will be available no later than Jan 31. You may access your W2 by logging into the HomeWork Solutions online portal with your email. Go to members.homeworksolutions.com to log in.
  • If your address changes, please update your address by calling HomeWork Solutions at 1‑800‑626‑4829.

What kind of insurance does Herewith provide for caregivers?

  • As a caregiver on Herewith, you automatically qualify for FREE liability insurance. That means you’re protected with $1 million worth of coverage when you are working with your Herewith clients. (Please note: this insurance only covers clients on the Herewith platform. Some limitations may apply.) Your coverage starts when you get hired. If you’re in between clients, you’ll have a 60-day grace period before your coverage lapses. But, not to worry — your coverage can be restarted the next time you get hired.
  • To make a professional liability insurance claim as a caregiver: Emailinfo@cmfgroup.com Fax (Toll-free): 212.608.4378

Why do I need liability insurance as a caregiver?

  • Caregivers on the Herewith platform are automatically eligible for liability insurance coverage as part of the hiring process. At no cost to you, liability insurance can provide peace of mind for yourself and for your clients.
  • What is liability insurance? Professional liability insurance is an important tool for protecting yourself from financial risk as a household employee. For example, if a caregiver mistakenly injures a patient while transferring them from the bed to a walker, the policy will provide insurance coverage. Or, if the insurance carrier needs the caregiver to be deposed to help defend a lawsuit, the carrier will provide a financial benefit to cover loss of earnings.

About the Herewith Pro app

Can I edit my profile?

Yes! We recommend updating your profile from time to time, as you add new skills or wish to edit your availability, location, or hourly rate. The more up-to-date your information, the easier it will be to discover clients that meet your preferences. Simply tap the “My Profile” button on your home screen to review your current information and make any updates.

Why should I make a video profile?

While a video is not required, we do strongly recommend that you add one to your profile. Our research has shown that families show the greatest interest in caregivers with warm, friendly videos. Think of your video as a way to introduce yourself to potential clients, so they can see your personality come through. Add a few sentences about why you love caregiving or what kind of expertise you bring to the table. Check out our easy guide on how to make a video profile

Do I have to download the app?

You can sign up for Herewith over the phone with our support team, and we’ll help you get your profile set up. However, in order to add your profile picture and video, regularly review and update your profile info and settings, easily browse top job matches, and manage your shifts and tasks on the job, you will need to download the Herewith Pro app. It’s free! If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 510‑284‑5230.

How do I close/delete my account?

Call us at 510‑916‑1071.



What should I do if I have safety concerns about my client?

Some safety concerns may be able to be resolved with help from your client and their Care Team. For example, if the home environment contains many tripping hazards, you can work with them to improve the environment. However, please report serious concerns of abuse to Adult Protective Services.

Who sees my personal information?

Only users within a Care Team see your full name and contact information. Even when you publish a job post or schedule an interview, we ensure that only your first name is visible to candidates, and all contact information is hidden.

Is a background check mandatory?

Yes. Herewith requires that all caregivers who join our platform undergo an initial eligibility background check and requires all caregivers to consent to an annual eligibility background check thereafter. These background checks are designed by Herewith to verify whether caregivers meet Herewith’s eligibility standards for participation on its platform. Herewith currently uses Checkr for such background checks.

Herewith does not share the results of its platform eligibility background checks with any care recipients. For more information on Herewith’s platform eligibility background check, please visit Checkr.

What happens if I’m in an uncomfortable situation at work?

Please keep yourself safe. Move to a safe location if you need to. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend taking steps to notify your client’s Care Team if your client will be alone or vulnerable. Then, end your shift and call us right away at 510‑284‑5230.

What should I do if my client has a medical emergency?

Call 911 immediately. Or, if your client is receiving hospice care, contact their emergency number. Then, please alert your client’s emergency contacts as soon as you’re safely able to. They may have further instruction or be able to assist you in next steps.

What do I do if someone falsely reports my profile?

Call us at 510‑284‑5230.